Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Winter Trees in the Canyon

On January 6th, I blogged about the fall colors of deciduous trees in the riparian areas at Sabino Canyon. And since then, the weather has been perfect for hiking around this desert canyon, checking out those trees some more.

Here's a view from up on Phoneline Trail, showing a full tram crossing a bridge over Sabino creek, heading back toward the visitor center. The trees still have some autumn colored leaves left on them, but not for long...
Notice how the trees at the dam change over the days.
First, a view of the dam from Sabino Overlook:
Then, observing the trees at the dam
from Lower Sabino Canyon on different days:

Next, walking along Upper Sabino Canyon Road (the shuttle route),
we enjoy looking at the nearly bare trees along the stream.

And finally, from Blackett's Ridge, we have
another look at the trees at the dam
and trees along the stream.
Some of the trees are already starting to grow new leaves.
Looks like spring is just around the corner.


BC Doan said...

This is just awesome, Diane! I like the cactus pictures, and some of the trees look like cotton..Love the photos!

Teri C said...

I love your photos and explanations. I need to get there and look around again. Thanks.

Glynis said...

What a lovely tour, thanks!