Friday, February 13, 2009

Prickly Heart Haiku

spines pierce desert light
thrusting outward to protect
quiet tenderness


Julie said...

Diane, this is such a lovely photo quilt! Cactus hearts. Your poem is perfect, just perfect.

BC Doan said...

That's a unique quilt, and nice haiku!

Vickie said...

Lovely collection and verse.

And I enjoyed your snow photos in the previous post. The desert canyons and terrain are so different than what we have in the east. So Its always a pleasure to visit your images.

Teri C said...

Perfect poetry
For these wonderful cacti
Haiku at it's best!

Gaelyn said...

Happy Valentines Day, Diane.

Mary said...

How sweet for Valentine's Day! Nice Haiku, Diane.


desertsandbeyond said...

How creative! And thanks for wishing me a happy birthday! It was a great day yesterday! Today, we may drive out to Joshua Tree National Park!
~~Cheryl Ann~~ Have a great day today!

Dee said...

That was wonderful! Perfect for V-day!!